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About Us

Project International is a not-for profit organization that concentrates solely on humanitarian aid projects around the world. Our focus is to bring resources of any kind to areas of the world that struggle from economic, political and environmental hardships. So far, Project International has deployed volunteers to three countries. With our new name we are excited to bring new beginnings! We have made it our goal to bring aid to as many areas as possible to enable more people to live a happy, healthy life. We are constantly reviewing the needs of many locations around the world to be sure we are there in times of need. 

Project International – Ukraine

Our Ukraine program was created in 2015 to bring relief to Eastern Ukraine after the conflict that left many families without homes, jobs or adequate food supply. We have worked with hundreds of Ukrainian volunteers rebuilding homes and communities since the creation of our Ukraine program. Additionally, we have visited multiple schools and assisted with summer programs for students who want to better their grasp of the English language. This program is run alongside the Ukrainian program BUR (Building Ukraine Together). A not-for profit organization focused on uniting Ukrainian people and culture. 

Cities Served:

Slavyansk, Ukraine
Kramatorsk, Ukraine
Svatove, Ukraine
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Smila, Ukraine
Svetlovosk, Ukraine


Project International – Greece

Our Greece program started in 2016, shortly after the influx of refugees began showing up on the shores of Greece and Southern Europe looking for new lives outside of Iraq and Syria. These people warmed our hearts as well as broke them with their stories of hope and courage and the willingness to leave their whole worlds behind to start again.

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