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Disclaimer and policy on Voluntourism!

Volunteering is a wonderful thing. To have the ability to give a part of yourself to someone else for no other reason than giving. Our organization strives to find the perfect volunteers to be a part of our mission, carry our message and truly embrace our work. It is important though that all applicants understand that this is NOT a vacation. We are traveling and spending our time in a different country and enjoying our time together as volunteers, yes. But it is important that each applicant understand the weight that our actions have on those we serve. It is very easy to get swept up in the attractiveness of “saving” and “fixing” those who may be struggling. But first and foremost we need to remember that we are a temporary implant in the lives of those who we are working with. These individuals who have left their friends, families, towns, communities want nothing more than to simply go home. In many cases that will never happen. 

Because of this Project International has a strict policy on volunteers interaction with refugees. Our job is to help improve the conditions in which these people live to the best of our abilities, without jeopardizing the wellbeing of those we serve. In many cases our work will not be glamorous.

Jobs you may be asked to do, but not limited to:

-Cleaning common areas
-Cleaning bathing areas
-Fold and organize clothing
-Hand out daily supplies
-Cook meals
-Hand out meals
-Do laundry


Voluntourism – In some peoples eyes, our short stay volunteer trips are seen as tourism with a twist. We at Project International can understand that point of view but we do not embrace it. We work hard to be sure that only those with sincere intensions of fulfilling our mission are selected. Our goal is not only to bring help to those in need but also to expand humanitarian ideas and beliefs. Educate the next generation of volunteers and humanitarians. By doing this we believe that we are one step closer to uniting people and cultures in our hope that one day we all can live in peace, together.   

It is with great enthusiasm that we want to invite you on this life changing adventure. We hope that you have found this information inspiring and not intimidating. Our programs have touched many lives and changed many worlds. If you are committed to making a difference and experiencing the joys of our work you will find the link to our application below. We look forward to working with you and hope to see you for years to come! Lets start your adventure together! 

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